Overly Ambitious Asshole, Podcasts, #SIPHON Update, and Sleep.


It has been some time since I wrote a blog post. However, I may add, for very good reasons — I’m busier than shit. The good kind of busy.

Which brings me to my first subject of being an overly ambitious asshole. Something I always tend to do is pile more and more shit on my plate, convincing myself I’ll be able to follow through until one day the realization that there are only 24 hours in a day sets in and I’ve crippled myself.

I can’t be the only one that does this?

Here are a few of those things:


So, I decided it was a good idea to do this crazy ass interior design. In theory, it worked. It was such a bad ass idea. I got way too excited. Yesterday, I clocked in at about 14 hours of work on said idea for the magazine when I realized it just isn’t gonna work. It wasn’t coming together how I hoped. That said, I could have made it work, but the issue would take three times longer to produce and would be released way after the intended date.

I swallowed my pride, decided to not waste anymore time, and went back to my original plan. No worries though, the thing is still going to be a beautiful bitch.


Yeah, remember when I started a Twitter profile for Dr. Gary Phillips? How I explained how I was going to do an “interactive” game/contest to win a signed copy of both SIPHON and ITCH?

Yeah, I don’t have the time or energy for that. Sorry.

Again… I’ll swallow my pride.


I’m still going to do a giveaway contest. However, it’ll be the run-of-the-mill “share this, retweet this, follow me” type of thing. So stay tuned for that.

Speaking of SIPHON, I’m surprised that I have yet to receive a shit review or crap reaction to it. I’m still waiting for the first one. So far, everyone has seemed to enjoy it. Even my mom liked it, but she informed me that the fact that her son wrote the book is more disturbing than the actual book itself.

That’s fair.

Speaking of speaking…


I am a massive podcast consumer. I spend the first four hours of work everyday listening to podcasts. I’ve killed so many hours of my day listening to them. I listen to them when I do design work as well.

Recently, I’ve caught up/depleted my playlist of my usual podcasts I listen to and decided it was time to check out some of the podcasts produced by my peers.


Leo X. Robertson invited me to be a guest on his podcast Losing the Plot and I accepted said invitation. I’ve heard of his podcast, but never got around to it until a few days ago. So far, I’ve killed about ten episodes — great stuff!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be chatting it up with him about writing, books, and hopefully punk rock.

He’ll be popping my podcast guest cherry.


I decided to give their two part “pilot” a listen. I enjoyed it. It was casual and personal and I really did feel like a fly on the wall, which is something I look for in a podcast.

I especially liked the parts where they said nice things about me and Aphotic Realm.


By the way, guys, the only “academic” thing about me is my degree. Other than that, I’m a dirty degenerate.



I haven’t got much lately.

I partied hard last weekend for my 30th birthday and it screwed by sleep schedule. I’ve been going to bed at 3ish AM and waking up at 6ish AM every day this week. No time for napping because I decided to waste so much time on an overly ambitious idea for Aphotic Realm…


However, today is my day off from the day job and I slept like a log until noon. So, that was good and refreshing.

Speaking of Sleep… (Look at these amazing segues)

Here is my video of the day. Excited to see them later this year! I was unable to make the trip to Portland, Oregon a few years ago and have hated myself for it ever since.

‘Dat bass-line tho…


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