I’m not a fan of the holidays.

Sure. I love spending time with my family, basking in the nice weather, and enjoying the overall atmosphere. But, I tend to give myself the license to avoid, neglect, and put off doing the things I need to be doing.

“But it’s the holidays” is a lame, but real justification for my procrastination. Well, the holidays are over and it is time to get back in the groove and climb out of my hole.

All morning at the day job, I’ve been trying to muster up the motivation to get going. Only if I had the energy I had as a teenage with the discipline and focus I have as an adult. I decided to dig into my youth in search for said energy…

Oh, the angst. Oh, the anger. Oh, the energy.

I have a lot on my plate and, although it is kind of overwhelming, it is god damn exciting as well. The next couple months are gonna be a doozy.

cover_3_mockupFirst up, submissions close for Aphotic Realm Magazine #3: CLASSIFIED on Feb. 1st.

If you’re interested in submitting a story, go HERE.

About a week after submissions close and we finalize the line-up, I get to look forward to locking myself in my office and becoming one with Photoshop and InDesign for a few weeks while I design the interior of the issue.

I made it sound like a drag. It’s not. It is time consuming, but I tend to find a zen-like state during the process.

Shadows_of_the_Mind_Cover_for_KindleAlso, Mandi Jourdan’s Shadows of the Mind is up for Kindle preorders right NOW! You can secure your copy HERE.

The set release for both paperback and Kindle is just around the corner on January 16th, 2018.

Mandi has been nothing but a joy to work with. Although she has almost entirely worked with Dustin exclusively on this project, I only hear great things (and I can also access/spy on email conversations.)

Go and check on this beautifully written collection of stories.

ITCHFULLWRAP_democoverrrrrrrrrrAnd then there is this little thing I’ve been putting together.

I had a handful of short stories that carry a similar theme. Relationships. Human Relationships.

I never found a home for them, but I never really searched for one either. So, I decided it was time I made one. I’m sick of them collecting digital dust in a folder. I’ve also decided to include the first chapter of SIPHON at the end as a sneak peak! I’ll be releasing this next week (maybe the 18th), and it will be on both paperback and kindle, but the kindle version will be free up until my 30th birthday (Feb. 8th)


This fuckin’ story has been stuck in my head for years and years before I even had the desire or know-how on how to write it. It feels so good to finally get it out of my head and onto paper.

Drugs. Sex. Violence. Mommy Issues.

Again, I’d like to thank M. R. Tapia and Hindered Souls Press for putting this out and just being awesome in general.

Visit for more details.

Ebook Pre-Orders:

Amazon Link

iBooks Link

Nook Link

Kobo Link


Gunnar Larsen (ArtStation) and I are truckin’ forward on the first issue our dark fantasy/horror comic, Void & Valor. There was a few hiccups last year, mainly his computer taking a shit, but now that he’s got the tools, I think he found a groove and we can get to the gettin’.

Keep an eye out for this in the following months. It’s nearing completion!



Now it’s time to stop avoiding my duties while writing this blog post.



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